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Streamline Your Logistics with ProcureGenie

Efficient. Transparent. Innovative.

Our logistics solutions are crafted for industry professionals seeking to optimize and streamline their operations. Discover how ProcureGenie can revolutionize your logistics process with our comprehensive suite of features, ensuring seamless and efficient workflows.

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Publish All Your Lanes in a Go

  • Streamline your logistics operations by publishing all your shipping lanes simultaneously with ProcureGenie.
  • Input your origin and destination locations, vehicle type, and shipment details in one step.
  • This reduces administrative burden and enhances efficiency, especially for large-scale operations.

Push Selected Lanes for Quotes

  • After publishing your lanes, selectively push specific lanes for quotes.
  • Prioritize lanes needing immediate attention or those critical to your logistics strategy.
  •  This ensures you get the best rates and services for high-priority shipments.

Setup a Quick Auction and Negotiate

  • ProcureGenie allows you to set up quick auctions and negotiate with carriers.
  • Create a competitive bidding environment to receive advantageous bids.
  •  Use real-time bidding and negotiation tools to finalize the best transportation terms for your needs.

Award Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to Best Quotes

  • Once you select the best carrier, award a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) through ProcureGenie.
  • This formalizes the agreement and ensures clear communication of terms and conditions.
  • The LOA aligns both parties, reducing misunderstandings and ensuring compliance with agreed terms.

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

  • Leverage detailed analytics and reporting features to gain insights into your logistics operations. ProcureGenie provides comprehensive reports on carrier performance, cost analysis, shipment tracking, and more.
  • These insights enable you to make data-driven decisions, optimize logistics strategies, and improve overall efficiency.

Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

Comprehensive Integration

Seamlessly integrate with existing systems for smooth data flow and reduced manual effort.

Real-Time Data

Access real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions quickly.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive platform designed for ease of use, reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity.

Cost Efficiency

Achieve significant cost savings through competitive bidding and efficient logistics management.


Depend on our robust platform for consistent performance and reliability.

Explore the full potential of each feature.

Click on the links below to dive deep into each offering and understand how they can benefit your logistics operations.

Publish All Your  Lanes in a Go
Push Selected Lanes for Quotes
Setup a Quick Auction and Negotiate
Award Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to Best Quotes
Detailed Analytics and Reporting